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We at Connecticut Cremation Service offer a prepaid guaranteed price for Funeral Services.

In accordance with the Public Act No. 85-376 titled AN ACT CONCERNING FUNERAL OR BURIAL FUNDS which was passed into law on October 15, 1985 by governor William O’Neill. We now have been afforded the opportunity to better serve you by offering GUARANTEED FUNERAL COSTS regardless of the time elapsed between arrangements and the individuals death.

Let us hope that you and yours will be blessed with long lives. However, we know that someday the time will come for you to perform the sad duty of planning a funeral. Never before have you been in complete control of what will transpire with full knowledge of the total cost. This law has no hidden clauses, so you can be assured that when you preplan and prepay with Connecticut Cremation Service / New Haven Funeral Service your every need will be met at our guaranteed prices.

We feel so strongly about this concept that we urge you to take a moment now and reflect upon this information.

You have the right to guaranteed prices, so make it your responsibility to call us at Connecticut Cremation Service / New Haven Funeral Service. You are under no obligation. The information and answers to your questions are free.

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